Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I take back what I said. Nothing looks like any particular creature, but all creatures. And every brain synapse, and every cellular structure, every heavenly body. This is the second one. I have 203 in total. That should work for a year or nearly.

Doodlognosis #1

The random act of doodling is instinctive, a form of primordial meditation found on paleolithic cave walls and modern computer screens. It both focuses the mind and links you to the entire cosmos. On a level of sub and super consciousness, doodling enables us recreate all animate life without any deliberation whatsoever. The first rule is never to think about what you're doing. Have no plan whatsoever, and let the divine hand guide your pen. Most of the time I have no preset idea at all: mythic beasts, from amoebas to dragons emerge. Sometimes random patterns, Fibonnacci sequences, fractals, cuneiform and flower petals. But this one took a very recognizable biological turn. So I decided to start this record. I will share one every single day until the pile is done. Regular paper and a bic pen. Start with a squiggle. As for wasting time, exactly the opposite. It focuses and concentrates creative energy, expresses it in ways that make everything else possible and pleasurable.